Blog: Zend Launches Zend Framework Certification


Zend has launched a new training and certification program for PHP developers, Zend Framework Certification []. Passing the Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE) is not a prerequisite. At €160.- a certification voucher is slightly more expensive than one for the ZCE exam.

Being a Zend Certified Engineer (a prospect), I got a promotional email from IBuildings, the official distributor for Zend in the Netherlands, which also included a link to a PDF of the ZCE-ZF study guide [].

This is yet another step of Zend towards the professionalising of PHP development, as well as another to affirm the position of ZF as THE PHP framework. Both goals are to be applauded, though I do question the refractory life of the new certificate.

In all I guess this is a good move from Zend, and also an opportunity for PHP developers to finally get properly acquainted with Zend's awesome framework.

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