Blog: MySQL University: MySQL Performance and Scalability Project - Issues and Opportunities


This Thursday's (February 5, 2009) MySQL University Session will sure be interesting.

The presenter will be Allan Packer [] from Sun, who's been appointed as a head of MySQL Performance and Scalability Project.

This project has been started just as Sun acquired MySQL last year, and its general goal is to improve the way MySQL scales, when you give it lots of CPU cores to run on.

You can read more about it in this recent interview with Allan [].

From what I've been able to gather, in the MySQL University session you will be able to learn about current identified MySQL bottlenecks, as well as directions developers want to pursue in order to make MySQL use available resources more efficiently.

The slides for presentation are already available at MySQL Uni's website [] so just go and see by yourself.

The session starts at 08:00 GMT, so don't be late ;) Don't worry however if for whatever reasons you will not be able to participate. Just like previous sessions, this one will also be archived as Flash movie.

For more information about MySQL University, go to my introductory post [/blog/mysql-university]

Added Feb 8th 2009

The session recording and chat transcript are now available []