Blog: MySQL University: Boosting Performance With MySQL 5.1 Partitioning


It's been some time some time since we had a MySQL Uni session subject that could be interesting to an 'average' PHP developer. The one that's going to take place next Thursday will definitely be of this sort.

Introduced in MySQL 5.1, partitioning lets you divide your tables into smaller chunks of data... while still keeping them in one table. No more need for `invoices2006`, `invoices2007`, `invoices2008` tables to cope with archival data, no more wicked UNIONs. Now you can tell MySQL to keep invoices (or whatever you need to keep) from one year separate from all other years, thus improving queries that only deal with records from one year.

That's just a simple example, as there are much more to partitioning than that. I urge you therefore to attend MySQL Uni's Dimdim session this Thursday, June 4th at 13:00GMT.

The session will be presented by Giuseppe Maxia a.k.a. The Data Charmer []. I attended one of his sessions in the past, and he seems like a very interesting person to listen to.

Check the MySQL University home page [] for details (and possible last minute schedule changes!)
For more information about MySQL University, see my introductory post []