Blog: Design update


As you might notice if you've ever visited PHP Freaks before, we've updated the design. Jeff Combs [], one of our members, has been making a lot of design changes. He was also the person who was behind the design we had before.

I've been working on implementing his new design changes. There have also been some extensive modifications on the backend, but I guess I'm pretty much the only person who knows about them.

I wanted to introduce some new features along with this update, but unfortunately I've had to postpone those. I'm not going to scrap them, but they will just be rolled out later, so stay tuned for those.

Hopefully the design adjustments we've made should make the site more aesthetically pleasing and a little more accessible.

If there are any issues, do report them either in a comment here, as a new topic in the suggestions board [,11.0.html] or write to my email address []. Either way the message should get to me.