Blog: Microsoft Q&A: Microsoft and Open Source


Microsoft has continued to engage with the open source community over the last year. Following up on the Q&A from last May, they would like to share their progress as well as hear your thoughts on how you see PHP working on Windows Server and Microsoft stack in general.

The improvements include:

  • SQL Server driver for PHP
  • Windows Cache Extension 1.0 for PHP
  • Integration into open source Content Management System (CMS) with platforms such as Wordpress and Drupal

There is a good deal of work being done on making PHP run on Azure as well.

Now they would like to hear about the impact of these improvements on your work and what could be done in future to help your apps interoperate with Microsoft stack better.

We decided to restart a dedicated board for the Microsoft Q&A to run a Q&A session with Tom Hanrahan, Director of Microsoft’s Open Source Technology Center, where we ask you to post questions and comments for Tom.

On February 22 at 4.30 GMT, Tom will join the forum and answer all your questions. He will also stay on the forum for the day with his technical team to answer that arise during the live session.

We invite you post your questions freely and with intention to improve your experience with PHP interop. This is an exclusive opportunity to shape the future release of PHP for Windows Server as well as exciting new technologies like PHP on Azure.

We look forward to hearing from you. Ask your questions in the forum now. [,112.0.html]