Blog: Should you be using MariaDB or MySQL?


In a recent webinar by database consulting company and highly regarded MySQL experts Percona [] Colin Charles discussed the assertion that MariaDB is actually a "drop-in" replacement for MySQL at this juncture. His presentation outlines many places that MariaDB and MySQL have diverged, and particularly in the areas of data encryption, backup/restoration and replication, there are many significant interoperability issues.

He also points out that in the areas of performance and features, MySQL has taken a substantial step forward recently with the release of version 5.7 and the development 8.0x line. There is even a valid question as to whether the company behind MariaDB is actively interested in retaining its heritage as a MySQL alternative.

The presentation notes are available here [] and include references and source material links that anyone who regularly works with mysql or MariaDB will likely find to be valuable. It's a great primer for jump starting inquiry into recent MySQL and MariaDB features like GTID's, MySQL's new JSON datatype, and the MySQL X protocol.