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NoSQL Ecosystem

by Timothy McKeown on Nov 19, 2009 1:24:18 PM - 12,161 views

I found a very interesting article entitled "NoSQL Ecosystem" from The Rackspace Could. It dove into the fact that we need an alternative for relational databases to handle the high volume of data these days. Some examples the article gave:

The fundamental problem is that relational databases cannot handle many modern workloads. There are three specific problem areas: scaling out to data sets like Digg’s (3 TB for green badges) or Facebook’s (50 TB for inbox search) or eBay’s (2 PB overall), per-server performance, and rigid schema design.

It's a good read, I would like to hear your thoughts around this NoSQL Movement idea.


Hashim Amla Mar 20, 2010 3:00:26 AM

think it’s just a matter of time the fact that I’ll try a No-SQL DB. The more I read the more I’m convinced. This document start in the correct way:

But we’re not anti-relational-database for when that really is the best tool for the job; it’s “Not Only SQL,” rather than “No SQL at all.

One of my thoughts:

Relational DBs are useful if a non-predetermined query must be executed with frequency. But if I have to execute the same query, regulary, I think that these DB have to say something.

I wait probably a .NET native NoSQL DB.

Hashim Amla
conviction of aafia siddiqui is a very sad incident!

peter parker Jun 16, 2010 5:04:22 AM

i hope the time has arrived to rewrite / re-evolve the RDBMS / ORDBMS to new generation storage system , with logic level isolated from the storage level .
If this is achived a code file level like YML can pitch in pick the data .

To give the analogy , think of a car parking builing , where cars are parked at different level using central lifts . Bays are storing the cars [data] and lifts are the logic arms to retrive/update data . this way multiple lifts can be added to retrieve / input data controlled via yml style language .

The current setup is ageing , clustering and partioning are neither going to help . The time has come where special drives are build with inbuild 8GB + ram for i/o operation are build with a new architecture where the data storage and data sorting / retreiving and updation is done .

Sorry for being a bit rustic, in my explanation . It has been a long time since i last had activity at phpfreaks .But coming back is good......
Feedback and comments are welcomed.

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