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2010 Dec 8
An introduction to PHP and Mongodb
by Thomas Johnson 11 comments 12345

Mongodb is an up and coming document oriented database that supports many awesome features including native PHP extension, an easy to use query interface and it is blazing fast.

2010 Sep 2
A simple Debian based dev environment.
by Tony Quilkey 11 comments 12345

This is just a quick walk through describing how to setup a decent development environment allowing the easy setup of multiple sites. It already assumes you have a working Debian or Ubuntu OS installed and configured with PHP, MySql & Apache already running. You will also need to have a working sudo.

2010 Feb 20
Help! Fatal error: Cannot redeclare function - PHP Tutorial
by Eric Rosebrock 5 comments 12345

"Fatal error: Cannot redeclare function" - Ouch. This tutorial tells you how to get around this common problem. Check if a function exists before defining a function. Mini-Tutorial

2009 Nov 5
Template based document generation using LiveDocx and Zend Framework
by Jonathan Maron 0 comments 12345

Generating print-ready well-formatted PDF documents with PHP is not an easy task. Traditionally, there are two main approaches to PDF generation with PHP. Given sufficient time and patience, both partially get the job done, but still leave a lot to be desired. This tutorial introduces a new way of doing it using template based document generation.

2009 Aug 19
Working with dates in PHP
by Daniel 16 comments 12345

There are many topics on the forums that go again, topics many people often are having trouble with. One of these problem areas are how to handle dates, convert them to a different format, timezone issues, etc. This tutorial will attempt to address many of the commonest problems related to date and time issues.

2009 May 6
Simple SQL Search
by Br J 28 comments 12345

Creating a SQL Search in PHP can some times be confusing and often cause users to generate too much unnecessary code. Well today is the good day. The tutorial shown here will guide you through how to create a Simple and basic MySQL search on multiple fields. So roll up your sleeves and be ready to dive into creating a simple MySQL Search!

2009 Jan 26
PHP Add Text To Image
by Crayon Violent 12 comments 12345

How to dynamically add text to an image.

2009 Jan 10
Working with checkboxes and a database
by Ben Smithers 21 comments 12345

A beginner tutorial demonstrating a simple form to update administrator privileges for a set of users using checkboxes.

2008 Dec 20
Protecting php applications with PHPIDS
by Thomas Johnson 4 comments 12345

In a nutshell PHPIDS is an advanced intrusion detection system written with performance on a large scale in mind. The basic installation and configuration is pretty straight forward.

2008 Dec 3
PHP Custom List Order
by Crayon Violent 12 comments 12345

This tutorial explains how to make a custom ordered list.