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2008 Oct 12
Regular Expressions (Part1) - Basic Syntax
by Nick Gavalas 11 comments 12345

This tutorial introduces the basic concepts and syntax of regular expressions.

2008 Oct 9
Design Patterns - Strategy and Bridge
by John Kleijn 9 comments 12345

Description and discussion of the Strategy and Bridge patterns.

2008 Oct 9
Design Patterns - Value Object
by John Kleijn 3 comments 12345

Description and discussion of the Value Object pattern.

2008 Oct 9
Design Patterns - Singleton and Singleton Registry
by John Kleijn 0 comments 12345

Description and discussion of the Singleton and (Singleton) Registry patterns.

2008 Oct 9
Design Patterns - Introduction
by John Kleijn 6 comments 12345

Introduction to Design Patterns, sets the stage for the coming mini tutorials covering individual Design Patterns.

2008 Jun 30
Data Joins Unions
by Barry Andrew 4 comments 12345

An introduction to using joins and unions in your MySQL queries

2008 Jun 30
PHP Security
by Daniel 45 comments 12345

This tutorial deals with the various security issues a PHP developer, or any person who writes web applications, might face. The tutorial is aimed towards beginners, but other people may find some of the information the tutorial contains useful as well. Topics such as SQL injections, cross-site scripting, remote file inclusion attacks and session security are covered. The tutorial also covers how you will best hide as much information from potential attackers as possible in order to further enhance your web application's security. This tutorial can be used as a reference although all the content it contains is vital for anyone who wishes to write applications that will run on a webserver regardless of whether the language is PHP or another server-side scripting language.

2008 Jun 21
OO PHP Part 3: UML, Classes and Relations
by John Kleijn 11 comments 12345

An introduction to UML Class Diagrams and class relations.

2008 Jun 20
PHP Basic Database Handling
by Crayon Violent 13 comments 12345

In this tutorial, you will learn how to do some basic database queries through php. You will learn how to INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and SELECT from a table.

2008 Jun 19
PHP Loops
by Crayon Violent 6 comments 12345

Learn how to use loops to solve problems and reduce amount of coding, and the available loops for doing so.