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Daniel has written a total of 4 tutorials.

2009 Aug 19
Working with dates in PHP
by Daniel 16 comments 12345

There are many topics on the forums that go again, topics many people often are having trouble with. One of these problem areas are how to handle dates, convert them to a different format, timezone issues, etc. This tutorial will attempt to address many of the commonest problems related to date and time issues.

2008 Jun 30
PHP Security
by Daniel 45 comments 12345

This tutorial deals with the various security issues a PHP developer, or any person who writes web applications, might face. The tutorial is aimed towards beginners, but other people may find some of the information the tutorial contains useful as well. Topics such as SQL injections, cross-site scripting, remote file inclusion attacks and session security are covered. The tutorial also covers how you will best hide as much information from potential attackers as possible in order to further enhance your web application's security. This tutorial can be used as a reference although all the content it contains is vital for anyone who wishes to write applications that will run on a webserver regardless of whether the language is PHP or another server-side scripting language.

2008 Jun 5
Sessions and cookies: Adding state to a stateless protocol
by Daniel 6 comments 12345

In this tutorial you will learn about using cookies and sessions in PHP.

2008 May 26
Handling XML data
by Daniel 14 comments 12345

In this tutorial you will learn how to handle and generate XML data with PHP.

Blog Posts

Daniel has written a total of 11 blog posts.

2010 Jan 6
Announcing PHP Freaks live chat
by Daniel 3 comments

Join us in the new live chat on IRC!

2009 Jul 21
Design update
by Daniel 19 comments

We've been working on updating the design. Read more here.

2009 May 28
or die() must die
by Daniel 18 comments

Appending or die() to PHP statements is a commonplace technique. However, this type of error handling is very bad practice. This post explains why you shouldn't use it, and what you could do instead.

2009 Apr 9
Microsoft Q&A: Running PHP on Windows Server 2008
by Daniel 0 comments

Microsoft has been recently engaging in a number of open source projects. They have been working on enhancing performance, security and stability of PHP applications on Windows Server platforms.

2009 Mar 14
Testing legacy versions of Internet Explorer
by Daniel 3 comments

Internet Explorer frequently causes problems for web designers and developers. In this post I will discuss some of the things you can do to test the old versions of Internet Explorer.

2008 Dec 4
Full RSS feeds now available
by Daniel 0 comments

Feeds will now contain entire posts instead of summaries.

2008 Dec 3
Advertisements on PHP Freaks
by Daniel 0 comments

PHP Freaks will now have advertisements.

2008 Oct 7
Writing for PHP Freaks
by Daniel 2 comments

Now you can have the possibility to write for PHP Freaks. More information in this post.

2008 Jun 22
We have an IRC channel
by Daniel 0 comments

Just a little reminder that we are on IRC as well.

2008 May 28
The creation of the new site
by Daniel 7 comments

It is in this post elaborated on the technology which powers PHP Freaks as well as a bit about the creation of the new website.

2008 May 26
The emerge of a new PHP Freaks
by Daniel 24 comments

The new site for PHP Freaks has finally been released. Read about that and other significant changes in this first blog post of hopefully many to come.