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Microsoft Q&A: Running PHP on Windows Server 2008

by Daniel on Apr 9, 2009 4:23:51 AM - 13,860 views

Microsoft has been recently engaging in a number of open source projects. They have been working on enhancing performance, security and stability of PHP applications on Windows Server platforms.

In relation to that we would, in cooperation with Microsoft, invite you to trial a Windows based web stack consisting of IIS 7, PHP 5 and SQL Server. Via the PHP on WS 2008 website you will be able to request a 30-day trial with a Microsoft hosting partner, and you'll be able to request a downloadable trial for installation on your own computer. You will be able to find more information on that page as well. Alternatively, if you have Windows Vista you can install IIS 7 and test its FastCGI capabilities.

We have setup a dedicated board, PHP on Windows Server 2008 - Microsoft Q&A, where you will be able to post your feedback and discuss it in general. Commencing April 20th, Hank Janssen and his team from the Microsoft Open Source Center will be available to respond on the feedback, and answer whatever questions that may arise.

We hope you will take part in this Q&A to enhance PHP, and specifically to enhance it on the Windows platform.

Do feel free to ask in the board if you have any questions.


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