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2008 Jun 18
PHP Basic Pagination
by Crayon Violent 101 comments 12345

Have a whole lot of information? Want to separate it into pages, with first/previous/next/last links? Read on!

2008 Jun 9
Debugging: A Beginner's guide
by Ben Smithers 14 comments 12345

This tutorial aims to teach a beginner some useful tips to help them solve errors painlessly.

2008 Jun 7
OO PHP Part 2: Boring OO Principles
by John Kleijn 17 comments 12345

Provides some basic explanation of various OO design principles.

2008 Jun 6
OO PHP Part 1: OOP in Full Effect
by John Kleijn 16 comments 12345

Comprehensive overview of what OOP features PHP has to offer, written for the OO novice, but useful for those with previous knowledge of it as well. Not suited for complete PHP newbies.

2008 Jun 5
Sessions and cookies: Adding state to a stateless protocol
by Daniel 6 comments 12345

In this tutorial you will learn about using cookies and sessions in PHP.

2008 May 27
Preventing remote file include attacks with mod rewrite
by Thomas Johnson 13 comments 12345

In this tutorial we cover a very simple but effective way of preventing a large amount of rfi attacks with mod rewrite.

2008 May 27
Hardening PHP with Suhosin
by Thomas Johnson 9 comments 12345

Suhosin is an advanced protection system for PHP installations. In this tutorial we will cover the installation and configuration for both Debian etch and CentOS 5.

2008 May 26
Handling XML data
by Daniel 14 comments 12345

In this tutorial you will learn how to handle and generate XML data with PHP.