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Thomas Johnson has written a total of 4 tutorials.

2010 Dec 8
An introduction to PHP and Mongodb
by Thomas Johnson 11 comments 12345

Mongodb is an up and coming document oriented database that supports many awesome features including native PHP extension, an easy to use query interface and it is blazing fast.

2008 Dec 20
Protecting php applications with PHPIDS
by Thomas Johnson 4 comments 12345

In a nutshell PHPIDS is an advanced intrusion detection system written with performance on a large scale in mind. The basic installation and configuration is pretty straight forward.

2008 May 27
Preventing remote file include attacks with mod rewrite
by Thomas Johnson 13 comments 12345

In this tutorial we cover a very simple but effective way of preventing a large amount of rfi attacks with mod rewrite.

2008 May 27
Hardening PHP with Suhosin
by Thomas Johnson 9 comments 12345

Suhosin is an advanced protection system for PHP installations. In this tutorial we will cover the installation and configuration for both Debian etch and CentOS 5.