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Sydney, Australia.
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Tony Quilkey has written a total of 1 tutorial.

2010 Sep 2
A simple Debian based dev environment.
by Tony Quilkey 11 comments 12345

This is just a quick walk through describing how to setup a decent development environment allowing the easy setup of multiple sites. It already assumes you have a working Debian or Ubuntu OS installed and configured with PHP, MySql & Apache already running. You will also need to have a working sudo.

Blog Posts

Tony Quilkey has written a total of 7 blog posts.

2012 Aug 22
New Proem documentation and project blog.
by Tony Quilkey 0 comments

Over the last few weeks I have invested quite a bit of time updating the documentation. I'm not a technical writer, hell, I wouldn't call myself much of a writer at all so Ive struggled with this somewhat, but it is slowly getting there.

2012 Aug 7
Benchmarking Proem Framework
by Tony Quilkey 0 comments

After a few long months of benchmarking and optimising Proem's code base I finally have some graphs of the results.

2012 Apr 9
Introducing the Proem Framework
by Tony Quilkey 0 comments

Proem Framework aims to be a lightweight, fast and simple to use MVC implementation written specifically for PHP5.4. Milestone #3 - 0.3.0 has just been released.

2012 Mar 4
Proem Framework 2nd milestone complete.
by Tony Quilkey 0 comments

After almost two months in development milestone 2 is now complete and version 0.2.0 has been released.

2010 May 31
Call for Paper Annoucement for OSI Days 2010 - Asia's largest conference on FOSS
by Tony Quilkey 0 comments

PHP | OSI Days 2010: Participate at the confluence of PHP's finest!

2008 Aug 5
Testing php5.3.0 alpha1
by Tony Quilkey 1 comment

With the release of php5.3 alpha1 recently I thought it practical to setup a test environment.

2008 Jun 17
Learning to think like a programmer.
by Tony Quilkey 15 comments

Sure, a big part of programming is knowing how your language of choice works, what it's functionality is capable of and how to piece it all together, but In my opinion, of bigger importance is the idea of logical thinking.