Blog: The emerge of a new PHP Freaks


Recently there have been many changes to PHP Freaks. A significant change is the total rewrite and redesign of the main site. The old one was taken down after vulnerabilities were found in the source code. For the last couple of months we have been working on making what you are currently looking at now. The release has been postponed a couple of times, but people have been patiently waiting for the site.

The content on the site is currently sparse, but we will now begin evaluating the old tutorials and decide which will survive into this new era, and which ones will be left behind. Furthermore, new tutorials will be written, and with the emerge of the new guru system we will hopefully have even more authors who are going to write for PHP Freaks.

One new thing you will see here on the new site is a little "blog" feature. Administrators, moderators, recommended members and gurus will write those posts. There will also be news from the PHP world that will be syndicated from external feeds. We will also try to add new features to the site later on so that we may persist in being an interesting place to come.

Another long wanted "feature" is the integration of the forum and the site. You will now be able to login to the main site using your forum credentials. The old users from the old site are gone and you will no longer be able to use them.

Any bugs should be reported in this topic [,198932.0.html] and all security related issues should be reported directly to me. You can find various contact information on my profile [/profile/Daniel0].

Welcome to (the new) PHP Freaks.