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Uncanny PHP – May 2017

syndicated from on May 2, 2017

We’ve prepared the May issue in which our authors cover the topics you need in your utility belt.

In this Issue

“Uncanny PHP” is packed at nearly 60 pages with articles on:

  • Using PHP, Vue.JS for Visualization of Workflows in an Event Sourced Application by Dustin Wheeler.
  • John Congdon writes on getting started iwth Vue.js in Look at the Vue From Here.
  • Keep your site secure by following Cryptography Best Practices in PHP by Enrico Zimuel.
  • Scaling to handle high-volume login with PHP Prepared Statements and MySQL Table Design by Ed Barnard.

Download Your Copy

Also this month, Matthew Setter shares how to use Qafoo Quality Analyzer, to measure how good your committed code is. David Stockton outlines why you should be doing Code Reviews and different ways of implementing them with your team. Community Corner is about the importance of being a better listener.  Joe Ferguson continues accelerating your project setup so you can hit the ground running. Chris Cornutt reviews the proposed OWASP Top 10 update in Security Corner. To cap off the issue, Eli White explains why Happiness is a Boring Stack.

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