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JsonMapper v1.2.0

syndicated from on July 14, 2017

Yesterday I released JsonMapper version 1.2.0, adding support for multi-dimensional arrays: int[][][].

One month ago I got a big pull request that added two features and adjust some configuration. After my vacation I had a look at the code and manually split out the configuration changes and the multi-dimensional feature and merged it.

The second feature - correctly resolving class names in docblocks by inspecting use clauses in the files - was too complex for me. I'd rather have that code in a separate library, or rather use a library that implements that.

That was the reason I rejected the second feature. Maybe someone else steps up and makes a clean patch. Thanks to Thomas Hansen anyway.

If you contribute patches, please make one commit per feature. Do not mix multiple features, bug fixes and code style changes. This makes it hard to review and merge them separately.