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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (07.25.2017)

syndicated from on July 25, 2017

Latest PECL Releases:

  • ssh2 1.1.2
    - Version 1.1.2 is same as 1.1 except this release contains this changelog

    • Fixed bug #72988 (Libor M.)
    • Fixed bug #73198 (Langemeijer)
    • Fixed php_url_parse issue (Remi Collet)
    • fix Invalid write of size 1 (Remi Collet)
    • Fixed bug #73819 (Mitch Hagstrand)
    • Fixed bug #73410 (Mitch Hagstrand)
    • Travis CI (Mitch Hagstrand)
    • Various other fixes on PHP 7 code and code cleanup (Mitch Hagstrand, Libor M., Anatol Belski)
  • ref 0.4.4
    This release improves PHP 7.2 compatibility support


    • Restore original referent obj handler when it is no longer tracked
  • ds 1.2.0
    - Vector's minimum and default capacity down from 10 to 8. - Map and Set's minimum and default capacity down from 16 to 8. - Hash function of arrays is now the length of the array, so O(1).
  • rar 4.0.0
    - Merge changes made to unrar up to version 5.5.6. - Support PHP 7.0 and PHP 7.1. - Added functions RarEntry::getRedirType(), RarEntry::isRedirectToDirectory() and RarEntry::getRedirTarget(), as well as the following constants on RarEntry: FSREDIR_UNIXSYMLINK, FSREDIR_WINSYMLINK, FSREDIR_JUNCTION, FSREDIR_HARDLINK and FSREDIR_FILECOPY. - Changed stat handler to return UTC time for creation, modification and access time (does not work reliably on Windows). - Fix cloning of RarArchive being allowed.
  • couchbase 2.3.4
    * PCBC-495: update user management APIs * PCBC-478: add tests for Error Map using CouchbaseMock
  • mustache 0.7.4
    - Mark release as stable - Change minimum version to 5.4.0
  • handlebars 0.8.2RC2
    - Mustache delimiter preprocessing support behind the compat flag - Property lookup now generates a closure from a method if the value of the property is null or does not exist to emulate the behaviour of javascript where functions and properties share a symbol table - only supported for PHP 7 or greater - Changed target handlebars.c version to 0.6.4
  • libsodium 2.0.3
    Requires at least php 7.0 and libsodium 1.0.9.
  • libsodium 2.0.4
    Requires at least php 7.0 and libsodium 1.0.9.