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Secure by Design – June 2017

syndicated from on June 2, 2017

Designing security into your application from the start

In this Issue

“Secure by Design” includes articles on:

  • Analyzing for security in Nuclear Powered Software Security by Chris Riley.
  • Mark Niebergall surveys the Cybersecurity State of the Union.
  • Make your site anonymous via Tor in The Digital Speakeasy: Secure and Anonymous Access to Your Website by Dustin Younse.
  • High performance data exchanges using Googles Protocol Buffers by Christopher Mancini.

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In our regular columns, Matthew Setter shares how to use the Intervention image manipulation library for the League of Extraordinary packages David Stockton writes about procrastination and burnout. Community Corner tackles spurring community involvement and how one can be renewed.  Joe Ferguson explains how Laravel’s Eloquent ORM handles relationships between your database tables. Last but not least, Eli White writes about Planning for the Future.

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