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Who Goes There – August 2017

syndicated from on August 3, 2017

Handle Access and Authorization like a Pro

In this Issue

“Who Goes There” includes articles on:

  • Using Google Authenticator for your PHP Applications by Brian Retterer.
  • Arne Blankerts explains Single Sign On—You’re Probably Doing It Wrong.
  • See how to Get Started with Zend Framework 3 by Gary Hockin.
  • Before you start your next job hunt, check out Jumping Ship: A Holistic Approach to Changing Jobs—Part One by Andrew Koebbe.

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In Education Station, Matthew Setter walks through using zend-permissions-rbac to manage access in your applications. Joe Ferguson’s Artisanal continues his look into Artisanal: HTML Form Request Processing And Testing. Chris Tankersley explains why communication is important in The Dev Lead Trenches: The Code Monkey. James Titcumb takes over Community Corner and shares his own community story to kick off. Eric Mann is also a new columnist. In his debut Security Corner, he takes a timely look Software Updates and Ransomware. And to cap things off, Eli White discusses the hallway track in finally{}: Building Connections.

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