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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (09.05.2017)

syndicated from on September 5, 2017

Latest PECL Releases:

  • couchbase 2.4.0
    * Add more examples (XATTRs and RBAC user management).

    • PCBC-505: Enable error maps for libcouchbase 2.8.0. For higher versions it will be enabled by libcouchbase.
    • PCBC-499: Expose more query options on N1QL query for advanced tuning query performance
    • PCBC-485: Expose enhanced error message. The server might fill properties "context" and "ref" of the error.
  • v8 0.1.9
    Refactor methods name to follow PSR-2 camelCase convention.

    NOTE: This is the last release that supports PHP 7.0.

    Changes list:

    • refactor methods name to follow PSR-2 camelCase convention;
  • mongo 1.6.15
    ** Bug * [PHP-1489] - Can't run the test suite against MongoDB 3.1.2 or later * [PHP-1528] - Extension should link OpenSSL during compilation
  • gRPC 1.6.0RC1
    - License changed to Apache 2.0 - Added support for php_namespace option in codegen plugin #11886 - Updated gRPC C Core library version 1.6
  • redis 3.1.4RC1
    phpredis 3.1.4RC1

    The primary new feature phpredis 3.1.4 is the ability to send MULTI .. EXEC blocks in pipeline mode. There are also many bugfixes and minor improvements to the api, listed below:

    • Allow mixing MULTI and PIPELINE modes! [5874b0] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

    • Let EXISTS take multiple keys [cccc39] (Michael Grunder)

    • Added integration for coverty static analysis and fixed several warnings [faac8b0, eff7398, 4766c25, 0438ab4, 1e0b065, 733732a, 26eeda5, 735025, 42f1c9, af71d4] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

    • Added arginfo inrospection structures [81a0303, d5609fc, e5660be, 3c60e1f, 50dcb15, 6c2c6fa, 212e323, e23be2c, 682593d, f8de702, 4ef3acd, f116be9, 5c111dd, 9caa029, 0d69650, 6859828, 024e593, 3643ab6, f576fab, 122d41f, a09d0e6] (Tyson Andre, Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

    • Fixed link to redis cluster documentation [3b0b06] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

    • Remove unused PHP_RINIT and PHP_RSHUTDOWN functions [c760bf] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

    • Removed duplicate HGET in redis array hash table, formatting [d0b9c5] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

    • Treat NULL bulk as success for session read [659450] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

    • Refactor redis_send_discard [ea15ce] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

    • Updated runtime exception handling [8dcaa4, 7c1407] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

    • Added a github issue template [61aba9] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

    • Initialize gc member of zend_string [37f569) (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

    • Fix valgrind warnings [471ce07, 1ab89e1, b624a8b] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

    • Fix php5/php7 compatibility layer [1ab89e, 4e3225] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

    • Fix typo in README.markdown [e47e44] (Mark Shehata)

    • Improve redis array rehash [577a91] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

    • Change redis array pure_cmds from zval to hashtable [a56ed7] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

    • Don't try to set TCP_NODELAY on a unix socket and don't warn on multiple calls to pipeline [d11798, 77aeba] (Michael Grunder)

    • Use zend_string rather than char* for various context fields (err, prefix, etc) [2bf7b2] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

    • Various other library fixes [142b51, 4452f6, e672f4, 658ee3, c9df77, 4a0a46] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

  • swoole 2.0.9
    - Merge branch 1.9 - Added Server::taskCo - Added Coroutine::sleep