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ConFoo Vancouver 2017 Calling for Papers

syndicated from on April 13, 2017

Want to get your web development ideas in front of a live audience? The call for papers for the ConFoo Vancouver 2017 web developer conference is open! If you have a burning desire to hold forth about PHP, databases, JavaScript, or any other web development topics, we want to see your proposals. The window is open only from April 10 to May 8, 2017, so hurry. An added benefit: If your proposal is selected and you live outside of the Vancouver area, we will cover your travel and hotel.

You’ll have 45 minutes for the talk, with 35 minutes for your topic and 10 minutes for Q&A. We can’t wait to see your proposals!

Until the talks are picked, the price for the tickets will be at its lowest. Once the talks are announced, prices will go up. Check out the last conference to get an idea of what to expect.