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CodeWorks Conference

syndicated from on June 3, 2009

CodeWorks 2009 is a series of two-day conferences for PHP developers and IT managers organized and run by the publishers of php|architect Magazine. CodeWorks will travel to seven locations across the United States between September 22nd and October 5th included. Each two-day event includes a day of in-depth tutorials and a day of conference talks arranged across three different tracks, all presented by the best experts in the business. These locations include:

San Francisco, CA (9/22-9/23) Los Angeles, CA (9/24-9/25) Dallas, TX (9/26-9/27) Atlanta, GA (9/28-9/29) Miami, FL (9/30-10/1) Washington, DC/Baltimore Area (10/2-10/3) New York, NY (10/4-10/5)

If PHP is your work, your passion or your hobby, CodeWorks is a great way to learn and connect with the greatest community of professionals in the world—and with prices as low as $99 and a generous discount program, a uniquely affordable opportunity for everyone. Remember, each event is limited to 300 attendees and prices increase the closer we get to each event. Get your tickets today before we run out or the price goes up! For more information, visit