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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (10.10.2017)

syndicated from on October 10, 2017

Latest PECL Releases:

  • ast 0.1.6
    - Added astget_metadata() function, which returns an array of astMetadata objects, one for each AST kind. The metadata contains information such as the supported flags for the kind.

    • Added astget_supported_versions() function, which provides an array of currently supported AST versions.
  • Bitset 3.0.1
    - Fixed out of bounds bug (thanks kgodet)
  • Bitset 2.0.4
    - Fixed out of bounds bug (thanks kgodet) - Fixed fromRawValue missing offset
  • couchbase 2.4.1
    * PCBC-493: Implement subdoc GET_COUNT API. * Update AnalyticsQuery API: removed experimental hostname() method as it derived from cluster config now. * Allow to override default pool connectime idle time with `couchbase.pool.max_idle_time_sec` INI setting. * PCBC-503, PCBC-504: Improve running tests.