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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (10.24.2017)

syndicated from on October 24, 2017

Latest PECL Releases:

  • v8 0.2.1
    This release brings stability and improvements. It contains some minor BC-breaking changes which should not affect general public. See full change log below for details


    BC-breaking changes:

    • require libv8 >= 6.4.6;
    • remove UnboundScript::kNoScriptId const and return null in getId() on no data
    • change ScriptCompiler::cachedDataVersionTag(): int method name and return type to be ScriptCompiler::getCachedDataVersionTag(): float;
    • remove StartupData::getRawSize() method;

    Non-breaking changes:

    • fix segfault when invalid startup data passed to isolate;
    • fix external exception lost when it has refcount 1;
    • change script compiler version tag generation to take into account changes to extension internals;
    • add CallbackInfoInterface;
    • add support for ScriptCompiler::kProduceFullCodeCache;
    • add {Isolate,Context}::within() as optimization solution;
    • add StartupData::isRejected();
    • add docs skeleton.
  • timezonedb 2017.3
    Updated to version 2017.3 (2017c)
  • opencensus 0.0.4
    - Adds php_info() section (#42) - Span ids are captured as hex strings (#44)
  • libsodium 2.0.9
    No code change. This release was made to ensure that the stable channel installs version 2.x.
  • amqp 1.9.3
    * Fix handling channel consumers (#284) (Bogdan Padalko) * Add support for consumer tags (#282) (Bogdan Padalko)

    For a complete list of changes see:

  • oci8 2.1.8
    This version is for PHP 7 only. Fixed reference counting and memory issues. (Dmitry, Tianfang)