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Mid-Atlantic Developer Conference - Call for Speakers

syndicated from on February 16, 2018

Mid-Atlantic Dev Con is a brand new polyglot event taking place July 13th and 14th, 2018 near Baltimore, MD. It is designed to bring together programmers from the region for two full days of learning from each other and building a stronger regional community. We are currently hosting an open Call for Speakers, which will end on March 31st at Midnight UTC!

We are looking for a broad range of submissions covering a wide range of topics that are of interest to today’s computer developers. This means not only programming topics, such as various sessions on PHP, but also broader topics related to development such as: deployment, DevOps, databases, caching, performance, scalability, APIs, etc — We also are looking for non-technical proposals that will appeal to a tech audience: open source, leadership, mentoring, health, work-life balance, management, customer service, and more!

Given the nature of the event, extra emphasis will be placed on submissions that appeal to a larger range of developers.