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Long Running PHP – March 2018

syndicated from on March 1, 2018

PHP Daemons, Evolving PHP, Containers, Accessibility, and more

In this Issue

Long Running PHP includes articles on:

  • PHP Daemons and Long-Running Processes by Tim Lytle
  • Evolving PHP by Chris Pitt
  • Containers Are a Pile of Lies! Part Two by Larry Garfield
  • Hands on With Accessibility by Derek Binkley

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In Artisanal: Illuminating Lumen, Joe Ferguson investigates Lumen, the Laravel micro-framework. See why you should be Reviewing Code in The Dev Lead Trenches by Chris Tankersley. Chris Pitt explains why and how you should use Signed Commits With Git in Security Corner. James Titcumb writes about the Lessons Learned Running a PHP User Group in Community Corner. How can you use your social network to become a better programmer? Read Education Station: Twitter for PHP Development by Edward Barnard. Do we have Too Many Tools?, Eli wonders in finally{}

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