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International PHP Conference

syndicated from on September 25, 2010

Not just another conference - this year has seen some high-valued conferences (like our IPC Spring Edition in Berlin) and we are already preparing the next big PHP conference. But this year makes a difference. It's the 10th. anniversary of the International PHP Conference. Being in business for ten years, we met some great people, made true fans and encouraged PHP developers all over the world to commit their passion for web-development to a growing community, that is behind some of the most well-known websites today.

Of course, a great event is nothing without great developers and we are very happy to welcome the PHP community to our next International PHP Conference 2010! Again, this conference is packed with workshops, sessions and keynotes on some of the most trending topics in PHP and web development today. Wether you are the developer dealing with core PHP features, the project lead that is in continuous integration or the CTO looking for professional solutions, this conference is the place to be. Not because of our 10 years of experience in bringing together some of the most experienced heads in PHP development - but because of this conference being one of Europe's leading technology events that have been made possible by a really passionate community. And that is ... by you.