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Know Your Tools – February 2018

syndicated from on February 1, 2018

Containers, Drupal, Symfony, Laravel Scout, and more

In this Issue

Know Your Tools includes articles on:

  • Containers Are a Pile of Lies! Part One by Larry Garfield
  • Drupal for Symfony Developers by Antonio Perić-Mažar
  • Love/Hate—The Dysfunctional Relationship We Have With Tools by Shahina Patel

Download Your Copy

Easily add full text searching to your Laravel models with Full-Text Searching with Scout in Artisanal by Joe Ferguson. Make your next new hire productive from the start with advice from Chris Tankersley in The Dev Lead Trenches: Coming Aboard! Read Security Corner: Application-level Data Security by Eric Mann to leverage application-level encryption. Ready to get on stage? James Titcumb has advice for you in Community Corner: The Journey to Becoming a Speaker. Edward Barnard explains Shifting and Masking with a Side of Crypto in Education Station And in finally{} Eli White looks at Blue Collar Coders.

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