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Navigating State – July 2018

syndicated from on July 2, 2018

State machines, Workflows, Parsing text, MySQL without SQL, Continuous Integration, Algorithms, and more.

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In this Issue

Navigating State has articles on:

  • State in the Stateless World by Luka Mužinić. See how to model complicated workflows with existing PHP packages.
  • Pro Parsing Techniques with PHP, Part Two: Fault Tolerance by Michael Schrenk. See how to build error-resistant parsers.
  • Making Use of Our Robot Overlords by Brian Thompson shares how he automated his team’s deployment.
  • MySQL Without The SQL—Oh My! by Dave Stokes explains how to use MySQL as a JSON document store.

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Chris Tankersley writes about Issue Workflows for Teams in The Dev Lead Trenches. In Security Corner: Secure Remote Password Authentication Eric Mann shows how to authenticate a user without storing their password. James Titcumb writes about how Contributing is More Than Coding in Community Corner.  In Education Station, Edward Barnard walks through how to Build an Algorithm. In finally{}: Do We Need Developers?, Eli White wonders what kind of work is needed today for programmers.

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