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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (07.10.2018)

syndicated from on July 10, 2018

Latest PECL Releases:

  • gRPC 1.13.0
    - Experimental support for client-side interceptor #13342, #15779

    • Add upper bound for number of persistent channels per target #15218
  • mongodb 1.5.1
    ** Bug * [PHPC-1221] - Accept "yes" and no value for non-binary PHP_ARG_WITH() options

    ** Task * [PHPC-1217] - Remind users to include __pclass field in projections * [PHPC-1224] - Remove 2.6 servers from Travis CI

  • APCu 5.1.12
    - gh#307: Fix 'Timout' sort option (apc.php). - gh#308: Keep search parameter on cache entry detail link (apc.php). - Fix --enable-apcu-clear-signal support. - Show entries with expired global TTL in APCuIterator. - Respect TTL when calculating APCuIterator totals. - The per-entry TTL now always takes precedence over the global TTL. - The global TTL is now always relative to the access time. - apcu_inc() and apcu_dec() no longer update hard-expired entries. Instead a new entry is created. - Added optional $ttl argument to apcu_inc() and apcu_dec(), used when creating a new entry. - PHP bug #76145: Fix use of APCu inside Serializer::(un)serialize(). - gh#304: If apcu_cas() is used on a non-existing entry, don't insert it. - gh#295: Improve APCuIterator performance by using PCRE JIT and preallocating key strings. - Reduce the memory overhead of cache entries. - Prevent potential memory corruption in the cache slam defense implementation. - Ensure cache entry references are released on bailout during unserialization. - Make support for atomic operations a hard requirement for building APCu. - Check write-lock acquisition for failure, to help debugging deadlock situations. - Make sure apcu_inc/dec are atomic when working on a non-existing entry. - Many changes to internal C APIs.
  • couchbase 2.5.0
    * PCBC-551: Do not complain about missing igbinary on start * PCBC-552: Pass logger to lcb_create to catch all log messages * PCBC-553: Check if crypto provider implements IV and signatures * PCBC-554: Fix search query descending order to use "desc" * PCBC-544: Implement CertAuthenticator for extra checks * Fixes for PHP 7.3