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Atlas ORM Integration with Symfony

syndicated from on July 31, 2018

Are you using Symfony 4? Do you want to use Atlas with it? We now have a Symfony bundle and Flex recipe that makes installation and integration a breeze. Two commands and one .env file edit, and you’re ready to go:

composer config extra.symfony.allow-contrib true
composer require atlas/symfony ~1.0

Build out all your mapper files from your database tables with a single command:

php bin/console atlas:skeleton

Then let Symfony inject the Atlas ORM object in your controller or application service constructors automatically (no further configuration needed):

namespace App;

use Atlas\Orm\Atlas; use App\DataSource\Thread\Thread use App\DataSource\Thread\ThreadRecord;

class ApplicationService { public function __construct(Atlas $atlas) { $this->atlas = $atlas; }

public function fetchThreadById($thread_id) : ThreadRecord { return $this->atlas->fetchRecord(Thread::class, $thread_id); } }

That’s it – you can now use Atlas for all the heavy lifting of your database work:

If you’re looking for a good persistence model data mapper, give Atlas a try!