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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (09.11.2018)

syndicated from on September 11, 2018

Latest PECL Releases:

  • psr 0.5.0
    - PSR-17 HTTP Factories support

    • Whitelist PHP 7.3
  • SeasLog 1.8.6
    - New Feature Add log message collection recommendations docs. - New Feature Add bench_mark.php - New Feature #218 add SeasLog::closeLoggerStream() - Fixed check_log_level:log level should lower than setting 'seaslog.level' - Fixed core dump in phpdbg. - Fixed smtp_secure and smtp_mailer. - Fixed issue #125 #203 Add seaslog.buffer_disabled_in_cli to config, default false. - Fixed issue #196 php5.3.x undefined symbol: expand_filepath_with_mode. - Fixed issue #195 rsyslog recive log with RFC5424. - Fixed issue #200 error warning when tcp/udp error. - Fixed issue #202 Add unit tests. - Fixed issue #210 add seaslog.remote_timeout to config, default 1 second. - Fixed issue #215 analyzerCount error. - Fixed issue #228 analyzerDetail error.
  • swoole 4.1.2
    + Add `socket_hook` * Fix bugs in nested coroutines * Fixed variable reference count problem when `exit` in the coroutine * Coroutine MySQL`query`, `prepare`, `execute` does not time out by default, conforms to the documentation API description * The MySQL transaction operation of the coroutine is forbidden to use the defer mode, and the developer needs to use it explicitly. The concurrent open transaction can be replaced by `query`. * Fix the problem of mmap `MAP_FAILED` return value detection + Add PECL package verification