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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (10.09.2018)

syndicated from on October 9, 2018

Latest PECL Releases:

  • LuaSandbox 3.0.2
    - Fix PHP 7 object layout

    • Initial PECL release
  • ast 0.1.7
    - Added AST version 60 with the following changes: - `AST_FUNC_DECL` and `AST_METHOD` no longer generate a `uses` child. Previously this child was always `null`. - `AST_FUNC_CONST_ELEM` now always has a `docComment` child. Previously it was absent on PHP 7.0. On PHP 7.0 the value is always `null`. - Added `ARRAY_ELEM_REF` flag, which is used by `AST_ARRAY_ELEM` for by-reference array elements and (since PHP 7.3) for by-reference destructuring. Previously this flag was represented simply by the value `1`. - Deprecated AST versions 40 and 45. - Fix build against PHP 7.4-dev.
  • couchbase 2.6.0
    * PCBC-562: Allow disabling caching (persistent) connections by setting couchbase.pool.max_idle_time_sec to zero. * PCBC-560: Positional, named and raw parameters for Analytics
  • vips 1.0.9
    * Add cache and concurrency controls [chregu]
  • pledge 2.0.0
    - add promises support to pledge() - add unveil()
  • pledge 1.0.0
    - add pledge()
  • zip 1.15.4
    - Fixed Bug #76524 ZipArchive memory leak (OVERWRITE flag and empty archive) - Fixed incorrrecr zval_dtor() usage to replace value of argument passed by reference, that may lead to memory leaks.