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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (11.20.2018)

syndicated from on November 20, 2018

Latest PECL Releases:

  • swoole 4.2.8
    + Better PHP stack coroutine switcher and Channel implementation

    • GDB Debugging Tool for Coroutine
    • MySQL Module Optimization (#2124)
    • Postgre Module Optimization (#2069)
    • Fixed bugs in MySQL client using Stored Procedure (#2117)
    • Fixed HTTP client large file upload BUG
    • Fixed bug in the wait process of co::exec
    • Coroutine nesting detection
  • APCu 5.1.13
    - Reimplement persistence logic using precise allocation rather than memory pools. This reduces memory usage of cache entries, especially for small values, and improves performance of persisting and unpersisting values. - Fixed GH #335: Stampede protection is broken. - Fixed GH #328: Segfault in apcu_key_info() if APCu is disabled. - Generally make the behavior of functions if APCu is disabled more consistent. - Fixed PHP bug #72980: Empty strings are now consistently allowed as cache keys. - Optimized apcu_key_info() and apcu_cache_info() by using interned strings. - Fix build against PHP master (PHP 7.4). - Many changes to internal C APIs.
  • ds 1.2.7
    - Fixed pair reflection bugs. #119
  • libsodium 2.0.15
    - The version displayed in `phpinfo()` wasn't updated in the previous release. This has been fixed. Nothing else has changed.
  • redis 4.2.0
    phpredis 4.2.0

    The main feature of this release is new Streams API implemented by Michael Grunder.

    Note: There are no changes between 4.2.0RC3 and 4.2.0.


    • Optimize close method [2a1ef961] (fanjiapeng)
    • Prevent potential infinite loop for sessions [4e2de158] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
    • Fix coverty warnings [6f7ddd27] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
    • Fix session memory leaks [071a1d54, 92f14b14] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko, Michael Grunder)
    • Fix XCLAIM on 32-bit installs [18dc2aac] (Michael Grunder)
    • Build warning fixes [b5093910, 51027044, 8b0f28cd] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko, Remi Collet, twosee)


    • Fix incorrect arginfo for Redis::sRem and Redis::multi [25b043ce] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
    • Update STREAM API to handle STATUS -> BULK reply change [0b97ec37] (Michael Grunder)
    • Treat a -1 response from cluster_check_response as a timeout. [27df9220, 07ef7f4e, d1172426] (Michael Grunder)
    • Use a ZSET insted of SET for EVAL tests [2e412373] (Michael Grunder)
    • Missing space between command and args [0af2a7fe] (@remicollet)


    • Streams API [2c9e0572] (Michael Grunder)
    • Reset the socket after a timeout to make sure no wrong data is received [cd6ebc6d] (@marcdejonge)
    • Modify session testing logic [bfd27471] (Michael Grunder)
    • Allow '-' and '+' arguments and add tests for zLexCount and zRemRangeByLex [d4a08697] (Michael Grunder)
    • Fix printf format warnings [dcde9331] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
    • Session module is required [58bd8cc8] (@remicollet)
    • Set default values for ini entries [e206ce9c] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
    • Display ini entries in output of phpinfo [908ac4b3] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
    • Persistant connections can be closed via close method + change reconnection logic [1d997873] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
    • Documentation improvements (@mg, @elcheco, @lucascourot, @nolimitdev, Michael Grunder)
  • libsodium 2.0.14
    - Some Base64-encoded values couldn't be decoded when using unpadded variants. This has been fixed.