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Principles of Package Design, 2nd edition

syndicated from on December 17, 2018

All of a sudden it became book-writing season. It began in August when I started revising my second book, "Principles of Package Design". Apress had contacted me about adopting it, and they didn't want to change a lot about it. However, the book was from 2015 and although I had aimed for it to be "timeless", some parts needed an update. Furthermore, I had happily pressed the "Release" button back then, but it's the same as with software development: the code you wrote last year, you wouldn't approve of today.

Book cover


Because Apress has their own pipeline for manuscript to book conversion, I had to take the original Leanpub-flavored Markdown manuscript, export it to html, then copy it into Mac Pages, and finally export it as a Word document. That was already a lot of work. Then I started reading the book and collected all the issues, creating post-its along the way. Having every little issue on display was a nice trick. It made progress visible, and made it feel like a project I could finish.

Re-reading my own book was a very interesting experience. I noticed how often I'd been lazy and skipped a proper argument for a piece of advice. I also noticed how some advice wasn't very clear and could easily be misinterpreted.

In that regard, it was very, very helpful to have Ross Tuck on board as a technical reviewer. He pointed out several issues where the reader, given this or that background, could have difficulty understanding a section, or take unintended advice from it. Ross put in a lot of time and effort, so from this place, thanks again!

Besides revising, I've also added several new sections, most notably about the following topics:

  • The reuse of code from the Domain layer, with a discussion about Domain-Driven Design.
  • Why "final" classes should be preferred, and how composing objects should be the preferred way of changing the behavior of existing objects.
  • When to introduce an interface for a (packaged) class.

Because there are many people who have read the first edition, who I don't want to "force" to buy the second edition as well, I've already published several articles that cover more or less the same ground:

Without further ado

So, here we are. The release of the second edition of Principles of Package Design! The book is available on Apress,com and Amazon, but it's also a "regular" book, so your book store should be able to order it as well.

Buy the e-book or soft cover via Apress

Buy the e-book or soft cover via Amazon

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