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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (01.29.2019)

syndicated from on January 29, 2019

Latest PECL Releases:

  • ds 1.2.8
    Fixed buffer outflow during deserialization of map objects. @rado-h

  • decimal 1.1.1
    Fix "signum" returning 1 for zero, instead of 0.
  • mysql_xdevapi 8.0.14
    WL#12593: DevAPI: Handling of Default Schema WL#12457: Be prepared for initial notice on connection WL#12291: automagically resolve path to preferred version of boost on pb2 orabug #28803092 the offset() method requires limit() orabug #28802524 always use sql()->execute() instead of executeSql() orabug #27441854 fetchAll should return an empty array when the result is empty, not (bool)false orabug #28804413 containers methods orabug #28802453 TableDelete: offset does not seem useful orabug #29011588 execute more than once for crud ops with bind causes crash at releasing orabug #28605347 CollectionFind::offset() without limit() error is unclear orabug #28803201 FieldMetadata and ColumnResult are returning different information about columns orabug #28804447 remove client functions orabug #28802551 Collection::createIndex() create an index on multiple fields orabug #28804461 ensure groupBy() functionality orabug #28838435 PHPT tests - make checking results more precise
  • zookeeper 0.6.3
    Bugs: - Correct exception message (From "Failed to connect to Zookeeper" to "Failed to initialize ZooKeeper ...", Issue #29) - Fix 'duplicate symbol _php_zk_config_ce' - Fix segmentation fault when destroying Zookeeper instance (GH PR #31)
  • datadog_trace 0.10.0

    Refer to the migration guide (/ for a detailed description.

    At an high level here are the breaking changes we introduced:

    • We removed OpenTracing as a required dependency. We still support OpenTracing, so you can do OpenTracingGlobalTracer::get() in your code and still retrieve a OpenTracing compliant tracer, but OpenTracing dependency is now optional.
    • We introduced auto-instrumentation and 1-step installation in place of manual registration of providers/bundles. Before, in order to see traces, you had to install our extension, add two dependencies to the composer file and add a provider (Laravel) or a bundle (Symfony). Starting from now you will only have to install the extension. You still have freedom to manually instrument the code, but only for advanced usage.


    • Request init hook configuration allowing running arbitrary code before actual request execution #175
    • Support OpenTracing without depending on it #193
    • Initial C extension PHP 5.4 support #205
    • Removal of external dependencies to support auto-instrumentation #206
    • Migration from namespace based constants to class based constants for tags, formats and types #207
    • Track integration loading to avoid re-loading unnecessary ones #211
    • Documenting release steps #223
    • Ability to run web framework tests in external web server #232
    • Support for auto-instrumentation #237
    • Support for Zend Framework 1 #238
    • Tracer::startRootSpan() to track the root Scope instance which can be accessed with Tracer::getRootScope() #241


    • The INI settings now appear in phpinfo() and when running $ php -i #242