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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (08.06.2019)

syndicated from on August 6, 2019

Latest PECL Releases:

  • swoole 4.4.3

    • Continue to maintain the Lock module (@matyhtf)
    • Add zpopmin and zpopmax for Redis 5 (#2684) (@ruesin)
    • Remove HttpClient global buffer in kernel (@twose)
    • Support ppc arch (#2692) (@matyhtf)
    • Support SSL context options for php_stream (#2717) (@twose)
    • Support multi-threading (libswoole) (@matyhtf)
    • Support SSL shutdown (#2717) (@twose)


    • Fixed bug: call Request->rawContent/getData after Response->end (b989ba9) (@twose)
    • Fixed OpenSSL protocol version check (c89e56f) (@twose)
    • Fixed bug: MySQL double free when io error occurred (d62d543) (@twose)
    • Fixed Http2 Client null pointer (537557d) (@twose)
    • Fixed HTTP2 SSL settings (#2725) (@twose)
    • Fixed DNS errno (@matyhtf)
    • Fixed mem invalid read with fgets (5dc0670) (@matyhtf)
    • Fixed swoole_async_dns_lookup_coro (b9caf5d) (@matyhtf)
    • Fixed ManagerStop failed (7977fab) (@matyhtf)
  • gRPC 1.23.0RC1
    - #19721 Fixed segfault in Channel constructor - #19366 Fixed unexpected warning about getenv()