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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (12.01.2020)

syndicated from on December 1, 2020

Latest PECL Releases:

  • ibm_db2 2.1.0
    * 2020-11-30: 2.1.0

    • Compatibility with PHP 8
    • Fix compatibility with 64-bit PASE/modern IBM i (sqlcli-dev package, pointer/integer width mismatch, XMLSERVICE location, etc)
    • Backport character trim from Zend Server
    • Major improvements to test suite (fix broken tests, less hardcoding)
    • Handle CCSID 65535 on IBM i
    • Fix warnings (returning void from non-void, etc)
  • datadog_trace 0.52.0
    ### Added - Laravel 8 support #1100 #1102 - Enable Yii 2 on PHP 8 #1106 - Add PHP 8 asan tests #1108


    • Use the observer API on PHP 8 #1089
    • Remove integrations that do not yet support PHP 8 #1103
    • Update containers to PHP 8.0.0 #1111


    • Fix distributed tracing on PHP 8 #1099
  • win32service 1.0.0
    * Upgrade to PHP 8 * Add Win32ServiceException. * Use ValueError if argument value is wrong. * Use Win32ServiceException instead of return value. * Convert some PHP Error and PHP Warning in Win32ServiceException. The binary is also available here:
  • yaml 2.2.0
    New Features: - PHP 8.0 compatibility Bugs Fixed: - #79866 Use serialize_precision when encoding double values (bd808) - yaml_parse_file_002.phpt: Fix expectations for PHP 8.0.0beta1 (bd808) - Remove use of call_user_function_ex() for compat with PHP 8.0.0a2 (andypost) - Adjust test values for compat with 32bit platforms (bd808) - Fix memory leaks (cmb69) - #79567 Parsing long long values leads to truncation on LLP64 platforms (bd808) - #77720 Out of memory error when parsing yaml file (bd808) - [-Wformat=] issue on 32-bit (remicollet) - relax test on 32-bit (overflow to float) (remicollet)
  • msgpack 2.1.2
    * PHP-8 compatibility. (Remi Collet, Michael Wallner) * Fixed #152: Split tests for #67 regarding 32/64bit platforms. (Andy Postnikov) * Fixed #153 and #147: Small string optimization causes excessive memory consumption under specific workloads. (Michael Wallner)
  • swoole 4.5.9
    Enhancement --- + Added SWOOLE_HTTP_CLIENT_ESTATUS_SEND_FAILED constant for Coroutine\Http\Client (#3873) (@sy-records)


    • Fixed PHP8 compatibility (#3868) (#3869) (#3872) (@twose) (@huanghantao) (@doubaokun)
    • Fixed undefined constant CURLOPT_HEADEROPT and CURLOPT_PROXYHEADER (swoole/library#77) (@sy-records)
    • Fixed CURLOPT_USERPWD (swoole/library@7952a7b6) (@twose)
  • xhprof 2.2.3
    - Fix reflected XSS with symbol parameter #50
  • oci8 3.0.0
    This version is for PHP 8 only.

    Deprecated old OCI8 function aliases. (Jens de Nies)

    Removed obsolete no-op function oci_internal_debug(). (Jens de Nies)

    The OCI-Lob class is now called OCILob for standards compliance.

    The OCI-Collection class is now called OCICollection for standards compliance.

    Generate arginfo from function stubs. (Jens de Nies)

  • xdebug 3.0.0
    Wed, Nov 25, 2020 - xdebug 3.0.0

    Xdebug 3 includes major changes in functionality compared to Xdebug 2. The primary way how you turn on functionality is through the new xdebug.mode PHP configuration setting. This made it possible to massively increase performance in many of Xdebug's sub systems as Xdebug is now much more conservative in which hooks are enabled.

    Configuration changes, massive performance improvements, and PHP 8 support are the primary features in Xdebug 3, but there is much more. The upgrade guide lists the changes in great detail, please read it:

    • New features:

      • Implemented issue #1762: Introduce feature modes
      • Implemented issue #1793: Add xdebug.start_upon_error setting to cover the removed xdebug.remote_mode=jit feature.
      • Implemented issue #1797: Implement generic logging
      • Implemented issue #1801: Rename mode 'display' to mode 'develop'
      • Implemented issue #1831: Add diagnostics function xdebug_info()
      • Implemented issue #1833: Add links to documentation in diagnostic log
      • Implemented issue #1837: Support for associative variadic variable names (PHP 8)
      • Implemented issue #1841: Add support for PHP 8 'match' keyword
    • Improvements:

      • Implemented issue #1680: Update var dumping routines to include relevant information for interned strings and immutable arrays
      • Implemented issue #1712: Add unit to profiler data types
      • Implemented issue #1743: Figuring out whether a call is a closure uses string comparisions instead of checking the ACC flag (Benjamin Eberlei)
      • Implemented issue #1752: Use a stack pool to manage stack entries instead of allocating and deallocating entries
      • Implemented issue #1755: Overload pcntl_fork() to prevent performance degradation by calling xdebug_get_pid often (Carlos Granados)
      • Implemented issue #1781: Include 'Xdebug' in max nesting level error message
      • Implemented issue #1783: Stacktrace needs vertical scrolling on small screens (Tobias Tom)
      • Implemented issue #1789: Provide PHP stubs for Xdebug's functions
      • Implemented issue #1807: Document Xdebug installation with yum and apt
      • Implemented issue #1813: Make sure that the xdebug_init_*_globals don't do more than they need to, and that init is only done when xdebug.mode != off
      • Implemented issue #1817: Switch filename storage from char*/size_t to zend_string*
      • Implemented issue #1818: Switch variable storage from char*/size_t to zend_string*
      • Implemented issue #1820: Increase time tracing precision (Michael Vo?íšek)
      • Implemented issue #1824: Allow Xdebug's mode to be set through an environment variable
      • Implemented issue #1825: Improve profiler performance by not calling fflush after every function (Michael Vo?íšek)
      • Implemented issue #1826: Reduce profiler memory allocation and call overhead
      • Implemented issue #1829: Switch to 10ns profiler resolution (Michael Vo?íšek)
      • Implemented issue #1832: If connect back host can not be contacted, fallback to remote_host/port
      • Implemented issue #1858: Only open/close log if there is an actual message to log
      • Implemented issue #1860: Allow xdebug.cloud_id to be set through an environment variable
      • Implemented issue #1814: Don't obtain the current time when it's not needed
      • Implemented issue #1835: Add current trace and profile file name, to diagnostic page
      • Implemented issue #1885: Change xdebug.start_with_ settings to PHP_INI_SYSTEM|PHP_INI_PERDIR
      • Implemented issue #1889: max_nesting_level should only trigger in "develop" mode
    • Removed features:

      • Implemented issue #1795: Deprecate PHP 7.1 support

      • Implemented issue #1786: Remove idekey value fallback to USER/USERNAME environment variable

      • Implemented issue #1809: Remove "overload_var_dump" setting

      • Implemented issue #1810: Remove collect_vars and xdebug_get_declared_vars()

      • Implemented issue #1812: Remove show_mem_delta setting

      • Implemented issue #1838: Remove collect_params setting, and always default it to "4"

      • Implemented issue #1847: Remove xdebug.remote_cookie_expire_time setting

      • Implemented issue #1016: Removed support for pause-execution (introduced in beta1)

      • Implemented issue #1868: Remove xdebug_disable and xdebug_enabled

      • Implemented issue #1883: Function xdebug_is_enabled has been removed

    = Changes:

    • Implemented issue #1378: Unfortunate coupling of default_enable=1 and remote_mode=jit
    • Implemented issue #1773: Replace all xdebug.*_output_dir settings with xdebug.output_dir
    • Implemented issue #1785: Replace xdebug.remote_mode and xdebug.auto_trace with generic "start-with-request" setting
    • Implemented issue #1791: Replace xdebug.trigger, xdebug.trigger_value, with xdebug.start_with_request=trigger and xdebug.trigger_value
    • Implemented issue #1792: Change start_with_request=always/never to start_with_request=yes/no
    • Implemented issue #1794: Replace the filter's blacklist/whitelist with exclude/include
    • Implemented issue #1811: Remove xdebug.collect_includes setting and always include them
    • Implemented issue #1843: Adjust XDEBUG_CONFIG checks, and document what can be set through it
    • Implemented issue #1844: Add deprecation warning for removed and renamed configuration setting names
    • Implemented issue #1845: Rename xdebug.remote_{host,port} to xdebug.client_{host,port}
    • Implemented issue #1846: Rename setting xdebug.remote_timeout to xdebug.connect_timeout_ms
    • Implemented issue #1848: Change default Xdebug port from 9000 to 9003
    • Implemented issue #1850: Change array variable output in tracing to use modern [] syntax
    • Implemented issue #1856: Rename xdebug.remote_connect_back to xdebug.discover_client_host
    • Implemented issue #1857: Rename xdebug.remote_addr_header to xdebug.client_discovery_header

    = Fixed bugs:

    • Fixed issue #1608: XDEBUG_CONFIG env var make sessions automatically START ever (at least send the XDEBUG_SESSION cookie)
    • Fixed issue #1726: Memory leaks spotted in various places in typical error code paths
    • Fixed issue #1757: Pause-execution feature degrades performance
    • Fixed issue #1864: Incompatibility with PCS and protobuf extensions
    • Fixed issue #1870: XDEBUG_SESSION_START URL parameter does not override XDEBUG_SESSION cookie
    • Fixed issue #1871: The "idekey" is not set when debugging is started through XDEBUG_SESSION cookie
    • Fixed issue #1873: xdebug_info() segfaults if the diagnostic buffer is empty
    • Fixed issue #1874: Incompatibility with protobuf extension
    • Fixed issue #1875: Overflow with large amounts of elements for variadics
    • Fixed issue #1878: Compilation failure: Socket options TCP_KEEPCNT and TCP_KEEPINTVL do not exist on Solaris 10 Sparc
    • Fixed issue #1880: Bundled unit test tests/debugger/bug00886.phar misses to load phar extension
    • Fixed issue #1887: Crash bug with xdebug_call_class and xdebug_call_file
    • Fixed issue #1756: Php process won't exit after running connected to a client
    • Fixed issue #1823: Profiler generates negative data for memory usage
    • Fixed issue #1834: Return type must be bool in overloaded set_time_limit
    • Fixed issue #1888: Make headers sticky in xdebug_info() output
    • Documentation

      • Fixed issue #1865: Document XDEBUG_TRIGGER environment variable
      • Fixed issue #1866: Document comma separated xdebug.mode values
      • Fixed issue #1884: Document where Xdebug's settings can be set
      • Fixed issue #1892: Document changed/removed ini settings in the upgrade guide with the links provided
  • mongodb 1.9.0
    ** Epic * [PHPC-1631] - Support PHP 8

    ** New Feature * [PHPC-1691] - Iterator implementation for MongoDBDriverCursor

    ** Bug * [PHPC-1167] - executeBulkWrite() may leave dangling session pointer on BulkWrite object * [PHPC-1693] - Fix MongoDBBSONRegex::__construct() arginfo * [PHPC-1697] - Fix MongoDBDriverCommand::__construct() arginfo * [PHPC-1698] - prep_tagsets may leak in convert_to_object * [PHPC-1700] - prep_tagsets may leak if calling method errors

    ** Improvement * [PHPC-479] - Print mongoc and libbson versions during configure * [PHPC-1699] - Ensure all zpp errors are proxied by InvalidArgumentException * [PHPC-1704] - Improve checks for built-in PHP extensions for Windows builds * [PHPC-1706] - AIX platforms shouldn't try linking with libresolv

    ** Task * [PHPC-169] - Test read and write concern inheritance * [PHPC-1652] - Add timestamp test with high-order bit set that's not 2^32-1 * [PHPC-1653] - Resync BSON corpus spec tests * [PHPC-1655] - Add a bson corpus test with invalid type for $code when $scope is also present * [PHPC-1660] - Always refer to explicit version in PECL example for non-stable release notes * [PHPC-1689] - Allow driver to compile with PHP 8 * [PHPC-1692] - Test suite fixes for PHP 8 * [PHPC-1694] - Add PHP 8 nightly to Travis CI build matrix * [PHPC-1695] - Add PHP 8 to AppVeyor build matrix

  • gRPC 1.34.0RC2
    - gRPC Core 1.34.0 update