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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (11.17.2020)

syndicated from on November 17, 2020

Latest PECL Releases:

  • xdebug 3.0.0RC1
    Mon, Nov 16, 2020 - xdebug 3.0.0RC1

    This is a BETA release, and not ready for production environments.

    Xdebug 3 has many changes. Please read the upgrade guide at

    Xdebug 3 documentation is available at

    • Improvements:

      • Implemented issue #1814: Don't obtain the current time when it's not needed
      • Implemented issue #1885: Change xdebug.start_with_ settings to PHP_INI_SYSTEM|PHP_INI_PERDIR
    • Removed features:

      • Implemented issue #1016: Removed support for pause-execution (introduced in beta1)
      • Implemented issue #1868: Remove xdebug_disable and xdebug_enabled
      • Implemented issue #1883: Function xdebug_is_enabled has been removed

    = Fixed bugs:

    • Fixed issue #1608: XDEBUG_CONFIG env var make sessions automatically START ever (at least send the XDEBUG_SESSION cookie)
    • Fixed issue #1757: Pause-execution feature degrades performance
    • Fixed issue #1864: Incompatibility with PCS and protobuf extensions
    • Fixed issue #1870: XDEBUG_SESSION_START URL parameter does not override XDEBUG_SESSION cookie
    • Fixed issue #1871: The "idekey" is not set when debugging is started through XDEBUG_SESSION cookie
    • Fixed issue #1873: xdebug_info() segfaults if the diagnostic buffer is empty
    • Fixed issue #1874: Incompatibility with protobuf extension
    • Fixed issue #1875: Overflow with large amounts of elements for variadics
    • Fixed issue #1878: Compilation failure: Socket options TCP_KEEPCNT and TCP_KEEPINTVL do not exist on Solaris 10 Sparc
    • Fixed issue #1880: Bundled unit test tests/debugger/bug00886.phar misses to load phar extension
    • Fixed issue #1887: Crash bug with xdebug_call_class and xdebug_call_file
    • Documentation

      • Fixed issue #1865: Document XDEBUG_TRIGGER environment variable
      • Fixed issue #1866: Document comma separated xdebug.mode values
      • Fixed issue #1884: Document where Xdebug's settings can be set
  • protobuf 3.14.0
    PHP protobuf
  • skywalking 4.1.0
    Fix bugs, Support swoole
  • mustache 0.9.2
    - Fixes for latest PHP 8.0 - Drop max PHP version constraint in package.xml
  • psr 1.0.1
    - Test failures on PHP 8 in psr-http-client and psr-http-message due to changes in inheritance - Compile failures with clang - Compatibility with API changes to PHP 8 in psr-log (@remicollet) - Report proper default value in reflection for LoggerInterface - PHP 8 only
  • protobuf 3.14.0RC3
    PHP protobuf
  • phalcon 4.1.0
    Full changelog can be found at:

    4.1.0 (2020-10-31)


    • Added JWT (JSON Web Tokens) support under PhalconSecurityJWT. Offers support for:
    • Token
    • Parser
    • Builder
    • Validator
    • Signers (None, HMAC)
    • Base64 encode/decodeUrl helper class #13856
    • Added additional HTML helpers under PhalconHtmlHelper: Anchor, Base, Body, Button, Close, Element, Form, Img, InputColor, InputDate, InputDateTime, InputDateTimeLocal, InputEmail, InputFile, InputHidden, InputImage, InputInput, InputMonth, InputNumeric, InputPassword, InputRange, InputSelect, InputSearch, InputSubmit, InputTel, InputText, InputTextarea, InputTime, InputUrl, InputWeek, Label, Link, Meta, Ol, Script, Style, Title, Ul #14696
    • Added PhalconHttpRequest::getPreferredIsoLocaleVariant() to return the base language if this is a specific one (en vs en-US) #3135
    • Added preload for Volt, which will send a HTTP/2 preload header #13128
    • Added PhalconHelperArr::blackList() to exclude elements of an array by the keys obtained from the elements of a blacklist #14801 @TimurFlush
    • Added PhalconDebug::renderHtml() to get a HTML representation of the exception #14794 @TimurFlush
    • Added PhalconMvcRouterAnnotations->setActionPreformatCallback($callback) to set a callback which pre-formats actions to custom pattern #14819
    • Added new PDO wrapper for the Data Mapper implementation, with decorated instance, locator and profiler
    • PhalconDataMapperPdoConnection
    • PhalconDataMapperPdoConnectionDecorated
    • PhalconDataMapperPdoProfilerProfiler
    • PhalconDataMapperPdoProfilerMemoryLogger
    • PhalconDataMapperPdoConnectionLocator This component will be used in the Data Mapper implementation but can be used as a stand alone component for PDO connections. #14733
    • Added new Query Builder, as well as a factory, for the Data Mapper implementation supporting CRUD with bound parameters
    • PhalconDataMapperQueryBind
    • PhalconDataMapperQueryDelete
    • PhalconDataMapperQueryInsert
    • PhalconDataMapperQuerySelect
    • PhalconDataMapperQueryUpdate
    • PhalconDataMapperQueryQueryFactory This component can be used to create SQL statements using a fluent interface. Optionally the statements can be executed from the builder itself using the DataMapperPdo connection. #14734
    • Added PhalconMvcMicroLazyLoader::getHandler() to return real handler when using lazy loaded controllers for PhalconMvcMicro #14871 @Jurigag
    • Added PhalconCollectionCollectionInterface and PhalconConfigConfigInterface to use as typehints when extending or implementing custom classes #15106 @BeMySlaveDarlin
    • Added PhalconDbAdapterAdapterInterface::getDefaultValue() and supportsDefaultValue() methods to properly support the DEFAULT keyword #15180
    • Added PhalconDbAdapterAbstractAdapter::supportsDefaultValue() method to properly support the DEFAULT keyword #15180


    • Added service checks for the session. Now cookies will be saved in the session only when the session service is defined #11770, #14649
    • Changed PhalconDbAdapter*::getRawSQLStatement() to return the full SQL query with parameters #12196
    • Changed PhalconFilter::sanitize to throw a E_USER_NOTICE when a filter does not exist. #14679
    • PHQL now supports the use of any printable characters from the extended ASCII table for escaped identifiers. The exception characters are [ and ]. To use [ and ] escape they ([, ]) #14535
    • Removed UTF-8 charset when using PhalconHttpResponse::setJsonContent to apply with rfc7159
    • Changed the visibility of properties in PhalconHttpMessageUri to work with clone. #15040
    • Change PhalconValidationAbstractValidator::__construct. Save custom validator message in options. #15053 @ivan-zolotavin
    • Add proxy methods without _ prefix in methods names: getRelatedRecords(), groupResult(), exists(), preSaveRelatedRecords(), preSave(), doLowUpdate(), postSaveRelatedRecords(), postSave(), cancelOperation(), doLowInsert(), getConnection(), getConnectionService(), getVersion(), getSpecial() #14971
    • Modified PhalconMvcModelRelation to accept callable params for model relations. #15158


    • Fixed PhalconDbDialectMysql::getColumnDefinition to recognize size for DATETIME, TIME and TIMESTAMP columns #13297
    • Fixed PhalconEventsManager to provide callable support #13322, #15045
    • Fixed PhalconValidationValidatorUniqueness fixed except query #15084
    • Fixed PhalconMvcModel to also check the params option in cascade relations when deleting #15098
    • Fixed PhalconMvcModel to also check the params option in restricted relations when deleting #15172
    • Fixed PhalconMvcModel::findFirst() to return correct value #15077
    • Fixed PhalconMvcModelCriteriaInterface::where() parameters #15144
    • Fixed PhalconHttpResponseCookies::set() to utilize the options parameter correctly #15129
    • Fixed PhalconHttpCookie::send() to define options parameter #15142
    • Fixed PhalconCrypt performance issues. #15118
    • Fixed PhalconMvcRouterRoute unicode support in patterns #15102
    • Fixed fatal error in PhalconMvcModel::cloneResultMap() when column map is used with orm.cast_on_hydrate turned on. #14617
    • Fixed PhalconMvcModel::sum(), average(), minimum(), maxmium(), count() to utilize the transaction parameter. #15113
    • Fixed PhalconMvcModel::__set() to clear dirtyRelated when empty array is set. #14822
    • Fixed PhalconMvcModel to skip columns with default values when the DEFAULT keyword is not supported by the database adapter (SQLite) #15180
    • Fixed PhalconMvcRouter to handle numeric routes properly #14926
    • Fixed PhalconSessionAdapterRedis and PhalconSessionAdapterLibmemcached to utilize the prefix option #15184
    • Fixed PhalconMvcModel to save the modified properties of previously queried single related records. #15148


    • Removed PhalconHttpCookie binding to session #11770
    • PhalconHttpCookie no longer depends on the session service and data will not be duplicated in the session. This made it difficult to use cookies in stateless applications (SPA).
    • Removed unused property PhalconMvcRouter::uriSource. #15123
  • protobuf 3.14.0RC1
    GA release.
  • datadog_trace 0.50.0
    ### Added - Experimental support for PHP 8.0.0 RC 2 & RC 3 (Provided for testing only and not intended for use on production) #1039 #1053 #1054 #1076 - Trace Symfony controller and more #1048 - Add example for long running processes #1049 - Add tests and support for WordPress 5 on PHP 7 #1058 #1059 #1081 - Add tests for Symfony 5 #1060 #1062


    • Build alpine packages on alpine and add e2e package verification #774
    • Add fatal error info to DDTraceTracer made root spans on PHP 7 #1040
  • mongodb 1.8.2
    ** Bug * [PHPC-1703] - Compilation on AIX platforms fails due to wrong detection of ss_family field
  • mongodb 1.9.0RC1
    ** Epic * [PHPC-1631] - Support PHP 8

    ** New Feature * [PHPC-1691] - Iterator implementation for MongoDBDriverCursor

    ** Improvement * [PHPC-479] - Print mongoc and libbson versions during configure * [PHPC-1699] - Ensure all zpp errors are proxied by InvalidArgumentException * [PHPC-1704] - Improve checks for built-in PHP extensions for Windows builds

    ** Bug * [PHPC-1167] - executeBulkWrite() may leave dangling session pointer on BulkWrite object * [PHPC-1693] - Fix MongoDBBSONRegex::__construct() arginfo * [PHPC-1697] - Fix MongoDBDriverCommand::__construct() arginfo * [PHPC-1698] - prep_tagsets may leak in convert_to_object

    ** Task * [PHPC-169] - Test read and write concern inheritance * [PHPC-1652] - Add timestamp test with high-order bit set that's not 2^32-1 * [PHPC-1653] - Resync BSON corpus spec tests * [PHPC-1655] - Add a bson corpus test with invalid type for $code when $scope is also present * [PHPC-1660] - Always refer to explicit version in PECL example for non-stable release notes * [PHPC-1689] - Allow driver to compile with PHP 8 * [PHPC-1692] - Test suite fixes for PHP 8 * [PHPC-1694] - Add PHP 8 nightly to Travis CI build matrix * [PHPC-1695] - Add PHP 8 to AppVeyor build matrix

  • swoole 4.5.7
    New APIs --- + Added writeVector, writeVectorAll, readVector, readVectorAll for Coroutine::Socket (#3764) (@huanghantao)


    • Added task_worker_num and dispatch_count for server->stats (#3771) (#3806) (@sy-records) (@matyhtf)
    • Added extension dependencies, including json, mysqlnd, sockets (#3789) (@remicollet)
    • Limited the minimum for uid server->bind is INT32_MIN (#3785) (@sy-records)
    • Added compilation option for JSON decoder, Support negative offset (#3809) (@matyhtf)
    • Added CURLOPT_TCP_NODELAY for Curl (swoole/library#65) (@sy-records) (@deminy)


    • Fixed sync client::connect error info (#3784) (@twose)
    • Fixed the scandir function hooked (#3793) (@twose)
    • Fixed some errors in the barrier (swoole/library#68) (@sy-records)


    • Optimized print-backtrace, using boost.stacktrace (#3788) (@matyhtf)
  • couchbase 3.0.4
    * PCBC-722: Fix boolean search query encoding * PCBC-703: Add support for query with FlexIndex (FTS) * PCBC-719: Enhance user management for collections * PCBC-702: Implement geopolygon FTS query * PCBC-705: Update eviction policy types. Now it covers ephemeral buckets * PCBC-721: Allow to fallback to bucket connection for older servers
  • protobuf 3.14.0RC2
    PHP protobuf