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Zend Technologies expands partnership with IBM to bring unprecedented database scalability to the PH

syndicated from on August 8, 2007

August 8, 2007, LinuxWorld San Francisco – Today Zend Technologies, Inc. announced a broadening of its partnership with IBM aimed at fueling the growth of production-ready PHP applications in the enterprise. With deeper integration between Zend Core for IBM and IBM DB2, companies will now be able to deploy open source PHP and DB2 across a wide variety of hardware and operating systems, and obtain world-class support from a single source.

Under the terms of the agreement, the joint initiative includes:

  • Enhanced IBM DB2 Express-C capabilities in Zend Core for IBM, the certified PHP solution from Zend Technologies
  • New support for DB2 Connect technology providing access to highly scalable i5/OS and z/OS DB2 data servers
  • Unified, single-source support for the integrated PHP and DB2 solution stack
  • Support for System i Linux partitions and the System i attached BladeCenter and System x Servers

Zend Core for IBM provides a fully certified, enhanced and supported PHP based application development and deployment stack which includes Apache, PHP, Zend Framework and DB2 Express-C. DB2 Express-C is IBM’s industrial strength hybrid relational-XML data server providing customers access to enterprise grade features such as data replication, high availability clustering and off-site disaster recovery. The result is a highly scalable and reliable web application infrastructure.

To support very high workloads, Zend Core for IBM now includes DB2 Connect technology that makes it easy for customers to build enterprise class PHP applications that harness the power and scalability of DB2 hosted on IBM System z (z/OS) and System i (i5/OS ) servers.

“PHP and DB2 are important technologies for the development of rich, Web-based applications that rely upon large volumes of user-generated data,” said Bernie Spang, director IBM data servers. “DB2 Express-C in Zend Core for IBM provides a powerful, affordable and scalable solution for any size business, from SMB to the biggest Internet companies.”

Zend Core for IBM provides unified capabilities across a wide range of IBM hardware and operating systems. The complete product line supports IBM System x running Windows or Linux, and IBM System p running Linux or AIX. Zend and IBM also offer Zend Core for i5/OS, a native i5/OS PHP solution that leverages the native DB2 capabilities of that operating system.

Zend will further expand its support for System i, by adding support for Linux partitions and support for the System i attached BladeCenter and System x Servers. System i customers will be able to consolidate multiple PHP application servers and DB2 Express-C data servers onto a single hardware platform with unified administration and management.

“Zend Core for IBM is a great solution for customers needing to plan for future growth,” said Mark de Visser, chief marketing officer at Zend. “People can start out with an entry-level System x system and later scale their systems to the powerful System p, System i and even System z hardware using the cross platform consistency of the Zend Core solution.”

Customers seeking support for demanding mission critical applications can purchase Zend annual support subscriptions for a PHP stack with DB2 Express-C data servers. All services are delivered by Zend and backed by the global technical resources of IBM.

Shaklee Corporation, the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S., is a customer who has turned to Zend and IBM for support of its PHP infrastructure. "We depend on Zend Core, Zend Platform and DB2 as key technologies in our web-based business", says Chris Jones, director of web applications at Shaklee. "We are encouraged to see this kind of cooperation from Zend and IBM to produce a truly integrated solution and support offering."

Zend Core for IBM is available today from Zend Contact your Zend sales representatives or Zend business partners for availability and pricing for the enhanced support, DB2 Express-C, DB2 Connect and new System i capabilities.

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