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Parallelize Your Code

syndicated from on February 25, 2022

This month’s release touches on some examples that keep PHP and its community strong, relevant, and a fun language to code.

Ken Marks continues his series on using PHP and a Rasberry Pi in a real-world example with Raspberry Pi Part 2 – Installing the LAMP Stack on your Pi. As developers, we live a life where we are constantly learning, and Derek Binkley helps with this by contributing an article called Teaching Through Code Review. We have a bonus third feature article this month in which Gabriel Zerbib introduces us to a documentation concept with his contribution Introduction to Diagram-as-Code.

In Eric Mann’s Security Corner, he talks about how to expand your knowledge with Getting Started with Cybersecurity. Joe Ferguson takes time out of his busy schedule to show us some benefits to using PHP-FPM, such as running multiple versions of PHP in his The Workshop section article Configuring PHP-FPM and Apache. In Community Corner, Eric Van Johnson sits down and gets to know our second rookie release manager in his Interview with PHP 8.1 Release Manager Ben Ramsey. Edward Barnard continues his new DDD Alley series with this month’s installment of When You Know the Pattern. Oscar Merida helps us exercise our learning muscle with this month’s PHP Puzzles, Finding Integer Factors. In this month’s Education Station, Chris Tankersly gives his take on the elusive async development with PHP in his article Async is a Lie. Wrapping up this month’s release is Beth Tucker Long finally{}, Everything Which Way But Loose.

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