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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (10.11.2022)

syndicated from on October 11, 2022

Latest PECL Releases:

  • teds 1.2.6
    * Fix a build warning in clang for placeholders indicating that a data structure was constructed/unserialized.

    • Fix a build warning after change to expected return type of count_elements object handler implementation.
  • teds 1.2.5
    * Reduce memory usage by refactoring the way properties/fields of data structures are returned, for var_export/var_dump/debug_zval_dump/array type casts/serialize. In php 8.3+, this should reduce the impact of calling var_export/var_dump/debug_zval_dump on memory usage, and avoid the side effect of keeping around references to fields after those calls.. In all php versions, consistently return temporary arrays for remaining data structures in serialize() and array type casts that will be freed after being used.
  • xdebug 3.2.0RC1
    Mon, Oct 10, 2022 - Xdebug 3.2.0RC1

    = Fixed bugs:

    • Fixed issue #2113: Crash at step_into after thrown exception with return value debugging en
    • Fixed issue #2117: Removed emulated properties for closures, as PHP 8.2 adds debug information for them
    • Fixed issue #2121: Xdebug does not use local independent float-to-string functions
    • Fixed issue #2122: Local variables are not available when using start_upon_error
    • Fixed issue #2123: Add warning in log and diagnositics information when a breakpoint is set on a non-existing file
    • Fixed issue #2124: Xdebug incorrectly reports that there are no children for static closure properties, even thought there are
    • Fixed issue #2125: Crash with PHP 8.2 on 32-bit due to change in "not set" value with CATCH opcode
  • skywalking_agent 0.1.0
    ## What's Changed * [docs] Update README by @heyanlong in * Remove the CI limit first, in order to run CI. by @jmjoy in * Setup CI. by @jmjoy in * Implementation, with curl support. By @jmjoy in * Turn off Swoole support, and fix Makefile. By @jmjoy in * Update docs by @heyanlong in * Add PECL support. By @jmjoy in * Support macOS by replace ipc-channel with socket pair, upgrade dependencies and improve CI. by @jmjoy in * Add compile and release docs. By @jmjoy in * Update official documentation link. By @jmjoy in

    New Contributors

    • @heyanlong made their first contribution in
    • @jmjoy made their first contribution in

    Full Changelog:

  • bsdiff 0.1.1
    First public release
  • pledge 2.0.3
    - handle EFAULT errors
  • msgpack 2.2.0RC2
    * Fixed PHP-8.2 compatibility (see gh issue #165) * Fixed PHP-8.1 compatibility (see gh issues #161, #157, and #156) * Added support for ZEND_ACC_NOT_SERIALIZABLE and magic __{,un}serialize
  • phalcon 5.0.3
    Full changelog can be found at:


    • Fixed PhalconFilterSanitizeStringVal to accept flags for htmlspecialchars() #16135


    • Fixed PhalconHtmlEscaper::attributes() to honor the $flags set for htmlspecialchars() #16134