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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (11.01.2022)

syndicated from on November 1, 2022

Latest PECL Releases:

  • parallel 1.2.1
    - Fix segfault when constructing sync objects

    • Fix heap buffer overflows when copying functions
    • Drop disabling functions (dl, setlocale) by force and adopt PG(enable_dl) mechanism for that most important use case
    • Fix some leaks in scheduler
  • teds 1.2.8
    * Same as 1.2.7 other than the version and tests folder. * Update expected test output of the unit test tests/misc/strict_hash_array_recursion_32bit.phpt
  • protobuf 3.21.9
    * See for release notes.
  • rnp 0.1.1
    * Initial release