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Posting Documentation

last updated on Oct 2, 2009 10:06:02 AM

Tutorials and blog posts are formatted using bbcodes.

BBcode HTML Result
[i]italic[/i] <i>italic</i> italic
[b]bold[/b] <b>bold</b> bold
[u]underline[/u] <span style="text-decoration:underline">underline</span> underline
[tt]tt[/tt] <tt>tt</tt> tt
[var]var[/var] <var>var</var> var
[kbd]kbd[/kbd] <kbd>kbd</kbd> kbd
[s]strike[/s] <strike>strike</strike> strike
[ins]ins[/ins] <ins>ins</ins> ins
[del]del[/del] <del>del</del> del
[img]test.jpg[/img] <img src="test.jpg" alt="" /> *an image*
  1. Test
[ul] same as [ol]
[code=lang]code[/code] Produces a code box for the specified language. See below. The lang parameter is optional, but can be used if the auto detection isn't working properly (though it should).
[pre]code[/pre] Produces a general-purpose code box.
[h1-6]Header[/h1-6] The corresponding HTML tag. Please see note below.
[url=/forums]Forums[/url] <a href="/forums">Forums</a> Forums
[url]test.html[/url] <a href="test.html">test.html</a> test.html

You can use on tutorials to make a page break.

Valid languages for code boxes:

  • cpp, c
  • csharp
  • css
  • delphi, pascal
  • java
  • js, jscript, javascript
  • php
  • python, py
  • rb, ruby, rails, ror
  • sql
  • vb
  • xml, html, xhtml, xslt

When posting images, please make sure it is no wider than 675px. Otherwise you will have to create a thumbnail and provide a link to the full size.

Although it's possible to do otherwise, please do not use [h1], [h2] and [h3]. They are used other places in the template.

Before posting, please make sure you've set your first and last name; it looks more professional.

Please make sure to write a short summary of the tutorial or blog posts. This will be showed in RSS feeds, on search result pages and on the tutorial/blog post listing.