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Blog Posts

Michał Jarosz has written a total of 13 blog posts.

2009 Nov 11
UFPDF: Quick and dirty fix for page numbering
by Michał Jarosz 0 comments

UFPDF is a Unicode/UTF-8 extension for FPDF by Steven Wittens. It is quite outdated right now, but if for some reasons you're stuck with it, you might not like the fact, that one quite important function is broken.

2009 Nov 4
MySQL University: GRAPH computation engine for MySQL
by Michał Jarosz 2 comments

GRAPH is a plugin engine for MySQL (and also MariaDB and Drizzle) that allows for more efficient handling of trees, graphs and similar structures within a relational database.

2009 Sep 22
MySQL University: Concurrency Control: How It Really Works
by Michał Jarosz 0 comments

Summer season has ended and MySQL University sessions are being held again. This week's topic might interest those of you, who use transaction capabilities of InnoDB.

2009 Jun 22
Using MySQL Administrator with WampServer
by Michał Jarosz 2 comments

Having trouble enabling 'Startup variables' and 'Service' tabs in MySQL Administrator when connecting to WampServer localhost? Read on.

2009 May 29
MySQL University: Boosting Performance With MySQL 5.1 Partitioning
by Michał Jarosz 0 comments

Data Charmer lectures about MySQL's new feature

2009 May 23
poMMo - painless mass mailing
by Michał Jarosz 2 comments

After trying out several tools for managing mass mailing I might have finally found one that works.

2009 May 1
Zend Framework 1.8 released
by Michał Jarosz 0 comments

Major highlights in this version are tools for Rapid Application Development and Cloud Computing

2009 Mar 16
MySQL University: How to Use Charsets and Collations Properly
by Michał Jarosz 1 comment

Confused with MySQL's charsets and collations? This week's MySQL University session is for you.

2009 Mar 12
Giuseppe Maxia on database normalisation and smoking
by Michał Jarosz 1 comment

New user registers, new set of tables is created in database. We see this database design quite often on phpfreaks forums. And each time we see it, we explain why it is wrong.

2009 Feb 27
PHP 5.2.9 is out
by Michał Jarosz 0 comments

The PHP development team would like to announce the immediate availability of PHP 5.2.9.

2009 Feb 18
Zend Framework 1.7.5 released - contains important security fix
by Michał Jarosz 0 comments

Apart from usual bug fixes, the new version of ZF 1.7.5 contains an important security fix.

2009 Jan 28
MySQL University: MySQL Performance and Scalability Project - Issues and Opportunities
by Michał Jarosz 0 comments

Allan Packer, head of MySQL Performance and Scalability Project talks about... MySQL's Performance and Scalability :)

2009 Jan 25
MySQL University
by Michał Jarosz 2 comments

MySQL University is a series of free web seminars. Each week (on Thursdays) you have a unique opportunity to learn something interesting from MySQL developers and professionals.