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2011 Nov 1
The problem with hover based menus
by gizmola 1 comment

Nice article on solving a common problem I see with website drowdown menus, authored by one of phpfreaks great moderators.

2011 Jul 22
Congrats to phpfreaks member phpSensei for winning 2011 Skills Canada Web development competition!
by gizmola 9 comments

He beat out a host of other high school and college competitors from across Canada to complete a "facebook" clone and take 1st place in the 2 day competition. He'll be representing his country at the World Skills competition next, so stop off and congratulate him and wish him luck at the Worlds. [url=][/url]

2011 Apr 11
Developing HTML Emails
by gizmola 0 comments

"Email clients over the past few years really haven't kept up with the pace of today's developers. When developing emails, it feels like you've stepped back into the late 90's, writing out-dated code. Below are some tips & tricks I've found helpful over the past few years of developing emails...."

2011 Feb 20
Support the fixing of the XDebug profiler!
by gizmola 0 comments

If you read my recent tutorial on the use of the excellent XDebug profiler, you may be aware of what a truly a great FOSS PHP extension it is, used by countless developers over the years. Unfortunately the cachegrind format is not quite right, because when XDebug was developed Derick Rethans had no documentation of the format and had to reverse engineer it and make some educated guesses. Derick is truly one of the PHP communities heroes, and taught many of us about PHP's internals through his articles, and projects like XDebug and Vulcan.

2011 Feb 5
How to setup LAMP using Ubuntu Linux
by gizmola 0 comments

This tutorial takes you through the steps of setting up Ubuntu Linux and getting Apache, MySQL and PHP installed and running.

2010 Nov 21
Tutorial: XDebug for developing, debugging and profiling PHP
by gizmola 0 comments

XDebug is one of the essential PHP extensions for PHP developers. In this tutorial I'll attempt to cover installation, and most of XDebug's standard features.

2010 May 31
Call for Paper Annoucement for OSI Days 2010 - Asia's largest conference on FOSS
by Tony Quilkey 0 comments

PHP | OSI Days 2010: Participate at the confluence of PHP's finest!

2010 Feb 8
Microsoft Q&A: Microsoft and Open Source
by Tomas Gonsorcik 1 comment

Microsoft has continued to engage with the open source community over the last year. Following up on the Q&A from last May, they would like to share their progress as well as hear your thoughts on how you see PHP working on Windows Server and Microsoft stack in general. More information in the post.

2010 Jan 6
Announcing PHP Freaks live chat
by Daniel 3 comments

Join us in the new live chat on IRC!

2009 Nov 22
Installing a Centos LAMP Dev Server under VirtualBox, Part 2
by gizmola 0 comments

This covers updating your Dev server to recent versions of PHP and MySQL, as well as setting up an Apache VHost, and using the Hosts file to provide development server naming.