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2009 Nov 19
NoSQL Ecosystem
by Timothy McKeown 2 comments

NoSQL, an alternative for relational databases with massive workloads.

2009 Nov 11
UFPDF: Quick and dirty fix for page numbering
by Michał Jarosz 0 comments

UFPDF is a Unicode/UTF-8 extension for FPDF by Steven Wittens. It is quite outdated right now, but if for some reasons you're stuck with it, you might not like the fact, that one quite important function is broken.

2009 Nov 4
MySQL University: GRAPH computation engine for MySQL
by Michał Jarosz 2 comments

GRAPH is a plugin engine for MySQL (and also MariaDB and Drizzle) that allows for more efficient handling of trees, graphs and similar structures within a relational database.

2009 Sep 22
MySQL University: Concurrency Control: How It Really Works
by Michał Jarosz 0 comments

Summer season has ended and MySQL University sessions are being held again. This week's topic might interest those of you, who use transaction capabilities of InnoDB.

2009 Aug 21
PCRE Regex Spotlight: \K
by Norm Olsen 3 comments

This entry focuses on the discussion of the pcre regex escape sequence, \K. Surprisingly handy yet perhaps largely unknown and under used. Once understood, this regex tool can make certain problems very easy to solve.

2009 Jul 21
Design update
by Daniel 19 comments

We've been working on updating the design. Read more here.

2009 Jul 21
Install a Centos LAMP dev server under windows using Sun Virtualbox
by gizmola 0 comments

This article covers the installation and configuration of a LAMP development environment on a windows laptop using Sun's free VirtualBox.

2009 Jul 3
10 Ways to Avoid Writing Crappy Code
by John Kleijn 10 comments

10 ways to avoid writing crappy code in OO PHP applications

2009 Jul 2
10 Signs of Crappy PHP Software
by John Kleijn 38 comments

How do you recognize crappy applications without getting knee deep into the code? 10 pointers to identify crappy PHP software quickly...

2009 Jun 22
Using MySQL Administrator with WampServer
by Michał Jarosz 2 comments

Having trouble enabling 'Startup variables' and 'Service' tabs in MySQL Administrator when connecting to WampServer localhost? Read on.