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2008 Oct 7
Writing for PHP Freaks
by Daniel 2 comments

Now you can have the possibility to write for PHP Freaks. More information in this post.

2008 Sep 11
Big forum reorganization!
by John Kleijn 6 comments

We have made a complete reorganization of our forums. Read about it here!

2008 Aug 5
Testing php5.3.0 alpha1
by Tony Quilkey 1 comment

With the release of php5.3 alpha1 recently I thought it practical to setup a test environment.

2008 Jun 22
We have an IRC channel
by Daniel 0 comments

Just a little reminder that we are on IRC as well.

2008 Jun 17
The Great Debate: PostgreSQL versus MySQL
by effigy 0 comments

An upcoming webinar discussing PostgreSQL and MySQL.

2008 Jun 17
Learning to think like a programmer.
by Tony Quilkey 15 comments

Sure, a big part of programming is knowing how your language of choice works, what it's functionality is capable of and how to piece it all together, but In my opinion, of bigger importance is the idea of logical thinking.

2008 Jun 16
phpfreak Launches Drummer Connection
by Eric Rosebrock 0 comments

phpfreak has been working on and has finally launched the first versions. Please check out and if you're an experienced developer, we may have some work for you, so feel free to contact us!

2008 Jun 12
mod_rewrite and Ignoring Directories
by ober 0 comments

I found a lot of information on the web that was just wrong on the topic of using mod_rewrite and ignoring directories when using a directory style URL approach.

2008 May 28
The creation of the new site
by Daniel 7 comments

It is in this post elaborated on the technology which powers PHP Freaks as well as a bit about the creation of the new website.

2008 May 26
The emerge of a new PHP Freaks
by Daniel 24 comments

The new site for PHP Freaks has finally been released. Read about that and other significant changes in this first blog post of hopefully many to come.